Hermitage Classic HDT 2011

Story by Kitty Clarahan - Photos by Shirley McQuillan

Water Hazard

Red Alligator

Crossing Bridge

Hay Bales

We had four teams represented at the show: Kitty Clarahan, Nancy Dozier, Mary Smith & Kristin Whittington. There were approximately 30 entries. Saturday was a bit damp. Many gave in to rain gear for dressage & cones. Sunday weather was much better. The facilities, and the views, were awesome. The hazards were set up in a central area where spectators had a birds-eye view of the action. Competitors were treated to a catered gourmet buffet and open bar Saturday evening. Pretty cool!

The IWWI group was given a prime area to park our trailers - with the best view of the rolling hills and right next to the historic horse barn where our horses had nice large stalls.

The hazards were very nice and fun to drive. The big topic of conversation was the bridge and the big red alligator at the water hazard. Thank goodness Training level did not need to do the bridge. Mary & Glenn with Wendy were Prelim and met the bridge challenge head on! Wendy did not even hesitate.

None of us had trouble with the big red alligator! Evidently our horses were not as concerned as we were.

Congratulation to Mary who came in first in the Preliminary Pony class. Kristin, Nancy & I came in second, third & fourth respectively in the Training Single Horse class.

I believe next year they will have a full CDE and we all plan on returning.