2011 National Drive & Kentucky Classic CDE

Story by Linda Sadler

David and I left home on October 3 for the National Drive. We were looking forward to some relaxing driving time. The weather for the whole week was GORGEOUS! Monday evening and Tuesday morning saw us wearing our winter coats. Afternoons were warm, nights and mornings were cool with a gradual warming up during the week.

We were able to begin driving on Tuesday. The second time out Stormy had a bit of trouble in which he climbed a wall out of the water hazard springing the front springs in the carriage in the process. Luckily, we found a friend from Wisconsin, Dave Krauss who helped David take the carriage apart and bend the springs back. Lyle Peterson used his horseshoeing skills to put the final bend in the metal and we were back in business. The rest of the week went well with Stormy driving along the roads and even along the Interstate.

On Wednesday we were driving outside the steeplechase course when all of a sudden a wire dropped in front of us. They were busy stringing speaker wire for the CDE. Stormy just looked at it and made a turn and we were on our way.

David finally wore an orange staff hat which meant he was a go-to person for help and safety checks. He thoroughly enjoyed being able to help.

I was able to check out the new Arabian horse exhibit at the Kentucky Horse Park Museum. I spent the afternoon looking at all the exhibits. Be sure and visit if you are ever there!

David had also agreed to help Gene Rhinehart, who was going Intermediate, navigate in the CDE. They spent Thursday afternoon checking out the hazards. On Marathon Day they were the third ones out and hitched by headlights. David had a blast and fulfilled a wish on his bucket list –― to navigate for someone faster than his wife‖.

Concession Stand

Beautiful Day

Obstacle Course

Driver and Navigator